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Are you feeling a lack of enthusiasm in your life, as though on autopilot, maybe even restless at times? 

Have you ever…

  • Come home from work, too exhausted to do anything but turn on Netflix and order pizza, wishing your life was more interesting?

  • Finished reading yet another self-help book… that doesn’t seem to help?

  • Had trouble making an important life decision because you don’t truly know what makes you feel fulfilled?

You are desperately ready for a change, but you have no idea how or where to start. 

If this is you, it’s time to Jumpstart Your Purpose.

You’ll finally get the answers you crave on how to start down your path to purpose. Best of all, you’ll have a specific action plan to lead you to the life you know is out there waiting for you.


Amazing, right? And it all happens in under an hour!

Jumpstart your Purpose
Here’s what you will know at the end of our session:
  • Why you put off making time for your dreams

  • Why you feel something is missing from your life

  • How to tap into your soul’s deep desires (we’ll figure out what lights you up, such as new hobbies, work you love, or spiritual growth)

  • How to easily take action and feel great doing it

  • Plus tons of other insights based on your individual results!


This is the first step to bringing purpose into your life so that you can ultimately head down the path to intentional, motivated and joyful living, every single day.

How does it work?

Jumpstart Your Purpose is a 45 minute personal coaching session with Ingrid that includes an assessment report you will prepare in advance of the session. The investment is $97. The results - can be priceless.

* Assessment sent to your email within 24 hours of purchase.

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Are you ready to dig deep to find your purpose?

Then it's time to dust off your dreams and take action.

Coaching Package

Live Your Purpose
3 month coaching package

​Are you feeling successful on the outside, yet lacking fulfillment on the inside? Do you miss the creative and fun approach to life you used to have?


This is your soul calling you towards your deeper purpose. It's a restlessness that reminds you of a path not taken, a value not honoured, or a vision not expressed.


For a while, you may have been soothed or distracted by a comfortable or safe path. Or you may have felt like a shadow of your true self, alone and lost.


But there comes a time when you cannot ignore the calling any longer. There comes a time when you need to restore your enthusiasm so you can show up fully for your life's work, relationships and well-being.


My private coaching program is specifically designed to help you reconnect with your confidence, embrace your strengths, learn from your challenges through self-compassion and – most importantly - take consistent action every day towards a life you can't wait to wake up to.

In coaching, the relationship we develop is of utmost importance. Book a free call to explore how this program fits your needs, and ensure I'm the right coach for you.


How We Work Together


Identify your Personality Profile


Understand your Survival Modes


Turn Wounds into Wisdom


Discover Your Purpose

Step 1: Identify your Personality Profile

We’ll look at the 5 major aspects of the personality that everyone expresses to see where they drive you and where they hold you back. This expanded self-awareness will serve as the foundation for our work together and you will quickly start to see your life with new eyes.

  • Learn how to embrace your intrinsic worth while also investing in your growth

  • Become more present and confident even when you’re not speaking or doing anything

  • Identify your soul’s core needs, values, aspirations

  • Learn to clearly see what is missing from your life and how to bring it into your experience

  • Say no with genuine conviction and say yes with genuine commitment


Step 2: Understand your Survival Modes

Next, we’ll look at 5 natural survival mechanisms and how they've come into play in your past decisions. By understanding more about your reactions when you feel threatened or wounded, you can be more present and in control even in challenging times. This step clears some of the noise that prevents you from seeing what’s important to you, allowing you to get closer to your purpose.

  • Emotional stability, resilience and self-regulation

  • Find out what your core coping skills are when you feel stressed or threatened

  • Learn how to de-escalate tension, knee-jerk reactions, conflicts or drama

  • Foster emotional intelligence to reduce stress

  • Respond more calmly to other people’s reactions & improve relationships


Step 3: Turn Wounds to Wisdom

Often the challenges we have faced become our greatest sources of wisdom. Together, we’ll take a look at some key events in your life and identify how the learnings you’ve gained from your experiences can shine a light on your unique contributions and purpose.

  • Understand the key lessons of your life

  • See why certain patterns repeat in your relationships, health, finances and career.

  • Transform painful beliefs & wounds with insight and compassion so you can heal.

  • See how your wounds & teachings determine part of your life’s purpose.

Step 4: Discover Your Purpose

With all the insight you’ve gained in the program so far, we’re ready to define what purpose looks like for you. We will identify the key pillars by which you will live your life. Together we’ll explore creative and tangible ways to integrate those pillars into your life, and see which ones make you excited to start your day! 

  • Design a blueprint that integrates your core teachings, strengths and aspirations.

  • Use it as a guide for the decisions and changes you wish in your life.

  • Learn how to hear & trust your inner callings even if others don’t understand or support them.

  • Establish your 5 Pillars of Purpose to activate your motivation and direction.


When you finish the program, you’ll be living with a new self-awareness, confidence, self-compassion and most of all, you'll be living your purpose!

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