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Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to begin your own transformation.

Being a professional businesswoman and mother of 3, I strive for quality over quantity, in both my personal and professional life. Ingrid's inherent ability to help me pinpoint key aspects of my life and take action-oriented approaches to change has helped me find my purpose. Ingrid is a natural coach.  I highly recommend Ingrid to anyone.

Ina Ervin

I initially reached out to Ingrid for coaching related to a career decision and found working with her to be so valuable on that topic that I continued our sessions to help me expand and grow in multiple areas of my life. The experience has been transformational!

Jennifer Figner

This was my first experience with a coach. It was very healing to talk through challenges and receive feedback, and acknowledgment that my fears and problems were valid. Ingrid is a wonderful listener and the process felt natural to me. She said one thing that I will always carry with me. She told me I know what my maximum is and what I am capable of doing in a day but what is my minimum? What is the minimum amount of work I can produce that I can be satisfied with on the days I am not feeling my best? This was a revolutionary idea that I have shared many times over. The idea of rest and not over exerting oneself is powerful especially in a capitalistic society. I gained perspective through my few sessions with Ingrid that I will always carry with me.

Aaliyah Campbell

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