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I help women find their purpose and design a life
they can't wait to wake up to

You have a purpose. You just don't know what it is yet. 

Maybe you have a good job, loving family, and great friends but you feel like you're not using the best of yourself.

Maybe your kids have grown up, flown the nest, and you're left wondering where to devote your energy to now.

Maybe you have a major life decision to make but don't know where to look for guidance.

Purpose is such an important part of life. It provides direction, confidence and significance. Even if we think we don't have a purpose or know what it is, there is still a sense of a role or contribution we are here to make in this life.

The first step in finding that purpose is to reconnect with your innermost needs and desires. Your inner voice has the answers you seek - but they may be whispers you can barely hear. Download my free guide on transforming your inner voice from a whisper to a roar, and start designing the life of your dreams!

How would your life feel if...

  • You wake up naturally in the morning, bright with anticipation of the day to come, and you jump out of bed knowing that you crafted your ideal life and get to go live it right now!

  • You finish a call in the afternoon and notice how energized you are from the connection and impact you made during that call. 

  • As you choose between a dinner date with friends or an evening art class, you notice how many fun options you have, now that you no longer spend your time on stuff that doesn’t matter to you.

  • As you brush your teeth before bed, you feel gratitude for the day you just had, knowing you made a difference in the world.

Together, let's find what brings you alive

I had a great career, many world travels under my belt, a beautiful home, yet the underlying feeling that something was missing just wouldn't go away. I knew I had more to offer in this life. I stopped ignoring that little voice and went searching, deep within myself.

What I found was that my purpose is not only to live my life to the fullest, rich with creativity, connection, curiosity and love, but also to help others do the same. 

Now, I devote myself to turning women's dreams and desires into achievable reality. 

Choose your path

Jumpstart Your Purpose Session

Are you ready for a change, but have no idea how or where to start?


This one-off session is ideal for people who:

  • want new direction and a quick way to get started

  • want tangible action steps to follow

  • want a map they can refer back to again and again as they grow


Live Your Purpose Program
Do you feel your soul calling you towards a deeper purpose?

This 3 month program is perfect for people who:

  • have already started their growth journey and want to go deeper

  • are excited to take tangible steps to create their new reality

  • long to regain their vitality, creativity and flow

Recent Interviews...

Curious about why I got into coaching or what I mean by "life purpose"?

Enjoy this interview and even take part in a free life-mapping exercise toward the end to start taking your own action today!

Nashina Merani Miranda

Working with Ingrid has been such a pleasure. Ingrid listens with such care and attention. She poses the most reflective questions to help guide me to the answers within myself. I highly recommend Ingrid for anyone who feels as though they may be in a limbo with direction, passion or purpose. She brings a warmth and humor that makes every session enjoyable. 

Ingrid webpage_edited.jpg

Jennifer Figner

I initially reached out to Ingrid for coaching related to a career decision and found working with her to be so valuable on that topic that I continued our sessions to help me expand and grow in multiple areas of my life. The experience has been transformational!

Ina Ervin_edited_edited.jpg

Ina Ervin

Being a professional businesswoman and mother of 3, I strive for quality over quantity, in both my personal and professional life. Ingrid's inherent ability to help me pinpoint key aspects of my life and take action-oriented approaches to change has helped me find my purpose. Ingrid is a natural coach.  I highly recommend Ingrid to anyone.

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